• Events of Month of Ramadan by Kırşehir Municipality
    1 Mayıs 2019

    On May 18-19 2019, Ramadan music events were held in Cacabey Square of Kırşehir. National-wide famous Mümin Sarıkaya and Onur Akın's musical performances were met people with great interest. 

  • Kırşehir Municipality's 3rd Children's Choir Concert

    The Children's Choir of the Kırşehir Municipality’s concert, which the third one is held on 28.11.2017 at the Neşet Ertaş Culture and Art Center had a great interest.

  • Book Fair

    Kırşehir 3rd Book Fair took place between 17-23 September 2018 in Cacabey Square with a broad participation.

  • 2nd Neşet Ertaş Culture and Art Festival

    "Neşet Ertaş Culture and Art Festival" organized and held for the 2nd time under the auspices of the Presidency of Republic of Turkey and in collaboration with Culture and Tourism Ministry, Ankara Music and Fine Arts University, Kırşehir Governorship and Kırşehir Municipality on 3-5 August 2018 in Kırşehir Cacabey square. In addition to concerts, interviews and panels, an award ceremony was organized within the framework of the "philosophy of love, respect and tolerance" which was summarized in three words by the great master.

  • Turkish Folk Music Concert by Municipality

    Trainees of Kırşehir Municipality Family Life Center Turkish Folk Music Choir gave a concert on 17.01.2018 at Neşet Ertaş Culture and Art Center.

  • “3 Doors 1 Knife Who do you think the killer is?” Theater Play

    Within the framework of cultural events organized by Kırşehir Municipality, the theater play “3 Doors 1 Knife Who do you think the killer is?” which was exhibited on 27.12.2017 attracted great attention.

  • 1st Neşet Ertaş Culture and Art Festival
    9 23.09.2017

    Great master Neşet Ertaş; in the fifth year of his death, was commemorated by Kırşehir Municipality on 23-25 September 2017 in Neşet Ertaş Culture and Arts Center and Cacabey Square with panel, concert and various activities.

  • 2.Book Fair

    The readers of Kırşehir met with famous writers and books via the Book Days organization of Kırşehir Municipality and sponsored by Halkbank

  • Kırşehir Municipality Turkish Folk Music Choir Concert

    Kırşehir Municipality Turkish Folk Music Choir gave a magnificent concert to the residents of Kırşehir who filled the Kent Park Amphitheater on 17.05.2017 within the scope of May Activities of the Family Life Center.

  • Kırşehir Municipality Children's Choir 2nd Concert

    Kirsehir Municipality Children's Choir’s second concert, which the first was organized in 2015, was held on 11.03.2016 at the Cultural Center.

  • BEGEM 3. Youth Festival

    3. Youth Festival was held on May 15, 2017 at the Kent Park Amphitheater by Kırşehir Municipality Youth Center (BEGEM).

  • Kırşehir Municipality 13th Turkish Folk Music Concert

    The trainees of Turkish Folk Music Choir of the Kırşehir Municipality Family Life Center gave a concert on 31.05.2016 at the Kent Park Amphitheater.